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April 2009

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alright time out has been lifted anonymous posters may resume.

if anything is left to be said.

oh yeah...this happened last week

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no tick turd kewel

wow i am impressed i didnt have no drama this weekend,i was for sure i was gonna haf to have someone aressted for being stupid,but i guess being a PIZZA CHEF at a fast food PIZZA shack just dont cut it as far as having the bucks to do what u want,it kinda limits the hell out of one,proly cant even pay rent,let alone travel half way across the country.just as well tho there is nothing here for him or the neo nazi.bye bitches

Re: no tick turd kewel

i told you the last time you ever left a comment on my fucking journal.

if you have words to toss around at josh why not tell him got to his journal www.livejournal.com/users/dragonrave and leave it there.

I don't have time for your stupid fucking shit mike nor the nerve for being harassed by a fucking old man who doesnt know which way is up and which way is down, nor has any fucking morals to pick on people like he's a fucking bully in god damn highschool.

I did reallow anonymous comments for your fucking ass...i allowed it for others....and you know what you are fucking abusing me and I don't quit appreciated it. and believe me I'm in the process right now of finding a way to make the law work for me and have you pegged for harassment.

so thank you don't come again go to the link above and check your ex-son's journal and leave mine the hell alone.


public forum/and remember

oh and lets not forget who started this shit ?you did sweet by making shitty comments on my wifes journal and then mine so make sure tour legal dept.knows this and stick your harassment charges up your fat ass,and oh by the way i have a copy of EVERY STATEMENT made by you and him.seems like you think(not very well) its ok for you to talk shit but no one else has the right

Re: public forum/and remember

you were asked several times to stop commenting was to stop contact with josh and myself. something which you wished to happen.
now you have started leaving comments on my journal again and that i snow considered harassment to me because you can't leave me alone. I haven't called you nor bothered to contact you in the span of well over 2 months.
seriously mike i don't give a shit about any legal matter but you know what just leave me alone. stop sneaking around my journal, jenny's too and picking on us just because you hate Josh.

now like i said if you want to take matters up with josh, remind him his precious mustang is not his. (remember those 5 comments? yeah those could be conisdered harassment since nothing was there to spark any of it and the first one you left here)

again i say take it to josh's journal or leave it the hell alone.

I'm not taking of anonymous posting because it leaves out friends of mine.


no subject

we have a pool


Re: no subject

yea well we have cable internet with over 600K upstream u stupid fuck.. your point?


Re: no subject

we do 2 and a zero turn cub cadet its so kool

Re: no tick turd kewel