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April 2009

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sarcasm & honesty

it takes a real man to run off to someone else's journal to start shit talking someone behind their back.
it takes a real puss of a man to admit when he instigated everything that was brought to him from the 2 people he mentioned, one an innocent bystander.
it takes a real man to beat down a woman a girl with verbal attacks...
and it takes a real man to sit there and say that this girl has nothing better to do than sit on her fat ass all day and make his life miserable.
1 comment a day = one response to every fucked up thing that was said to me...you do the math...you use your logic,

if a ugly, handicapped, word twisting, instigating, child molesting fuck started to ridicule you because you are in love with their son (which he knows and was happy for only months ago) only because he wants to fuck with his son, would you or would you not as this girl stand up for yourself and not sit down and STFU as any guy would hope?

i'm sorry, i dont take shit from a 50 year old man who sits on his ass from a car injury and sucks up all the pity party that he can, when i can say i saw him walking around without the brace he was supposed to be wearing numerous times...

a notch on the shoulder he has, and a notch on mine i do not....but i can say this...id still wish you to rot mike....please do so and keep my name in any shape or form (real or insult or made up) from your lips, out of other people's journals, and out of your life, forever....you chose to get rid of your son you chose to get rid of me, so thank you so much for doing so now hold up your end of the bargain and leave anything that has to do with either fucking one of us ALONE!

remember kids just because something is in diapers and you feel it will not remember shit that happens to them, doesnt mean you are right....anything horrific is burned into their memory, and it will take a miracle to burn it back out.

thank goddess i am one of those working miracles that let's someone know no matter how much they fuck up with someone that person will still love them unconditionally....forever.



shut the fuck up

talk about wack jobs you two are made for each other you both are a couple of fucking wack jobs both you rot and suck each others std infected dicks have a wonderful fuckin day bitch!



i am so happy MY 1967 ford mustang now has a NEW 289 engine now time for paint,damn it sounds and runs great,oh and the poker run was great,mom and my name are at the top of the shirt,rode my harley at all the bike games and took first place at the slow race and hangin out clothes sissy and i took first place was a great weekend for all and the new camper slept great,and watched dvd movies on the new LCD TV.yep in the camper sweet. HD1340

anatomy lesson

justa tiny clue...incase you ahvent figured it out yet( i know some ppl are a little slow)boys have penises( or dicks as you would perfer) girls have vaginas...so, just in retrospectmaybe come up with an insult suited for both, or better suggestion, if you dont care and your so angry....just shut up and let it all be..childish isnt it by now? whoever you are.. if they are wack jobs, let them be wack jobs, it works for them and thats whats important

now then..since ive stuck my nose where it doesnt belong once again( as i am prone to do)

how are you noey:)

Re: anatomy lesson

i'm wonderful, thank you for asking, the ocean misses you <3

thanks for the backup even though it hardly is necessary since you know i havent been online or near a computer for 3 days and i come back to harassment....yeah that's awesome!

how be you darling?
i miss you too hunnie!!!..VISIT ME !!!


not worth it

not fun any more is it u talked so much shit on moms journal she trashed it,her and tick turds only line of communation,and u fucked that up,then your sorry fat ass jumps on my journal my journal and talks about shit you know nothing about,and yep i trash mine.but like you said it is public so fuck you and fuck tickturd,i can care les about you two fucking wack jobs you ugly fat ass big boned(amason)large bitch.kiss somebodys ass but not mine.

Re: not worth it

takes a real man to degrade his child and call a woman half his age fat... the human race is proud!


new motor

my 1967 mustang has a new 289 with ac so kewel,it run so nice and sounds so nice now time for paint,gonna have some wonderful pic of ________? something very soon,ha.



new motor runs good sounds good in my 1967 ford mustang,time for paint



my 1967 mustang has a new 289 engine runs like a scalded dog ,now time for paint,soon i will have some pics to up load.have a fuckin lovely day

Oh yeah

Just another thing ya spineless bitch (Mr.Havens) You start up shit again and I will make sure Harassment Charges are filed because of this being a public forum and the parties involved know where you are and other info charges can and will be filed if this persists


Re: Oh yeah

thats just fine with me ass bag i have saved all this shit going way back to my wifes journal so you think you got a case let the games begain.shit slinging is just a pass time and you dont have a clue

Mike and Gayle

Hello Mike and Gayke this is Stephanie... im sure you remember me i was the one who called everyday after you had your son locked away and then tried to pull a pity party for him being locked away. Im the one you asked to take him for a weekend remember? Well this is an all new low for you Mike alienated your other son and his family so now you must alienate your other son and his girlfirend? tisk tisk you should be ashamed of yourself. As for the child molestation charges against you? im beginning to believe they are true seeing as you can not treat your own son with respect why treat your grandchildren that way. The one in your little trio that needs the meds is not your son Mike and Gayle... It is you, You made him this way... you made him hate you... Live With It. As for the goings on in here i remember about JOSHS mustang..he sold it you under contract that within 10 years it would be sold back to him at blue book value. And guess what joker? he still has that contract. It is not YOUR mustang. Not completely but im sure Joshy loves the work your doing on it for him ;) I sincerly hop that I piss you off and i hope you remember im only 5 hrs away... come and visit me and maybe just maybe...a fat little bitch as you called Noel.. will put you in your place...gimp.



Re: Mike and Gayle/no contract

lol thats a bunch of shit,contract on the mustang i dont fuckin think so title is in my name so fuck off take it to court lol
Contract law is the law that governs contracts. A contract can take several forms - it can be written on a piece of paper (or napkin, even) or it can be just a verbal agreement if it satisfies the Statute of Frauds.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... I might wanna check ur homework with ur people and make sure you "prep" ur witnesses then. Dude I'm not fucking around. I do not appreciate you continuously shit talking. I've not really said too awful much other than the truth and im sorry life blows ass, but, you're not keeping my car. Might as well forget it because we have a legally binding contract.

And by the way. I'm not telling you anymore. I have the IP Address of the server you connect to. Yeah that right, means since you have been doing nothing but causing hell, acting an ass, and posting slander on the internet about me, AND because I'm a webmaster, means well... Means I could actually terminate your account with AOL. You're crossing the line. Do not get owned. This is my last warning.

-System Administrator-


LOL hear this tickturd

Hmmmmm i give a shit,piece of paper we got about $10,000.00 dollars worth of paper with your name on it,and you know it,and you know that you dont have any contract unless you forged something,and you know how fucking wrong you are,oh and guess what the mustang is mine and aint shit you can do about it,you just stay up there and leave us alone and we will be happy for you and her,and if you come in this parish dont come here to our home you will go to jail.oh by the way smart ass court is done over finished


Hope that wasent u

had a msg.,will b there on the 30th.hope it wernt u,and if it was just so u r aware that protective order is in place and you will go to jail if u come here.again there is nothing here for u no family no stuff to get

Re: Hope that wasent u

how about you do me the favor of commenting on his journal and leaving mine the hell alone.


Mike and Gayle

Mike you fucking moron... call me a hick when you live further down south than I do... talk shit when YOUR the one going to jail for MOLESTING your grandchildren. I for one cant wait till bubba in Angola makes your asshole the size of a fucking tire... get a life you gimpy fucking moron.


fuck u

your ass is proly already the size of a tire and oh by the way dumb ass aint no body been molested and aint no one going to angola ypu igiorant fucks are real quick to judge,cant wait till its yall turn to be judged,seems to be quite fucking boaring around here time to go yall all suck way out loud and hard too!