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April 2009

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mother earth

quickly help me!

well. i need some help.

i want to update this journal layout but can't find any good styles to look at. cherry styles seems to be lacking on variety and quantity. anyone know of any sites i could check into?


without further patience. i'm going to proceed with my dream since i've been persuaded by another girl to do this crazy thing.

well. i'm going to do my photoshoot for suicidegirls.

what i need is a photographer who can take great pictures and i'm comfortable with sitting in the nude.

i need ideas on themes. colors i could wear. something inventive (granted i'm listing my own ideas but i always could use help)

umm and as always moral support is the best!


Layouts- have you tried http://community.livejournal.com/free_stylin/profile if not check'em out they haven't updated much but they have a lot to look at.
Photoshoot- Tell me more of the effect or mood you are looking for and I will ask my photo budies what they think.
Photographers- sorry none in your area only NY and NJ
Support_Good luck even though I know whatever you decide to do your shoot as it will be beautiful because you are in it ;)
i dont know i would pose with fake blood but they wouldnt dig it. i was thinking sexy. a theme no one has done before. i dunno...something fun sexy and dark
I'll see what kind of ideas I can come up with for you. It all depends on getting a hold of certain people.
off topic. but fatalbeauty.com would be all for the fake blood. :)
did you end up applying for SG?
i did but i never got a photographer then i got knocked up so that postponed everything. haha