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April 2009

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no comment. just words!

so long children.

i don't think it's worth getting my insecurities up over a bunch of whiskey talks. and missed memories.

you all have issues with josh. then deal with them with him. dont come crying to me because he's calling you. dont come crying to me because he won't leave you alone. how am i supposed to fix your issue? fix it yourself. block the damn number! if i wanted to talk to you that bad I could call from another phone.

quit being so self centered and not realizing my week has been hell! you'rs is full of fucking spoiled rotten bullshit. i could crap on your sunshine and daisies.

but that's okay i'll make it easy. monkey no see, monkey do.

times 3.

you would rather lock him up than give him a chance to actually live a life a life hes trying to make normal. pathetic!

don't tell me you know him very well. he doesnt know himself that well. so fuck that line.

another, you don't run away from him when he's biting at you you stand there and face it and show him you arent going to put up with it. running away is what makes it worse.

you say he's an unfit father? HA! he'd be a great one if he didnt get so much shit. and could relax and not be so fucking wound tight.

you don't know what goes on here. you can ask anyone on chat that. he may tell you some shit, oh but it's the shit he wants you to hear.

for example. I quote DAWN on this "he's told his father he loves you twice as much as he loved kandi" and i quote him "i'm in love with you i love her but i'm not in love with her"

women, always reading into things wrong.

and when i said :that's nice: to your blurb about him calling you every night for the past few weeks or some shit like that. I said it because you were being a cunt and trying to play like he wants you back.


god dramatical whores.
if looks could kill...i'm sure you'd be dead by now.

the end.