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April 2009

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i know i suck

but if you only knew

i suffered 5 days of nausea, vomitting, diaherra in order to rid myself of tonsilitis. nice eh?

oh let me not forget fever blisters....i have a picture somewhere of my lip i will show you. they have yet to go away fully.

i'm stable enough to sit up and walk around a bit but standing for more than 5 minutes and walking around for more than 2 minutes i get extremely winded and light headed. guess that comes from 3 of my sick days not being able to eat a thing. o.0

but yes i live.

sorry i lack anything better to say.
to make it even better last date i recalled was sept. 7th and here it is the 13th. yikes what worm hole was i in?

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UGH! I hope you are feeling better. I know that kind of sickness where getting up and getting yourself a drink is your big activity for the day that requires a three hour nap. Your lip looks so painful :(
Feel better!!! :)
it was even worse when i was trying to keep the labret cause i'm stubborn. but that's gone. and the lip is looking mucho better. just a little scab here and there but it will be gone.

and yes making a drink was the big activity. hell sometimes stumbling to the bathroom was the other. lol

i'm tons better now. just still regaining the strength i lost o.0
Aww, you had to take out the labret? did it heal over? When i took mine out after 2 years the inside healed up within the week. I STILL have a hole on the outside though.

I miss my labret
yeah it healed over. being the whole fever blister on the outside raw on the inside. bah.

at least i can say i had it done. and have pictures.

when my nipples were done the picture got lost through harddrive crashes. =(


see what happens

nasty shit,if u wernt a bad person this would not happen to you but you had it comming,its called karma give shit get shit LOL

Re: see what happens

actually it's called being sick.

god you are retarded. go repent or something.

so that would explain your motorcycle reck and why your lady is almost blind then as well?

give shit get shit.

grow up!